Python Kyaiktiyo 'Burma Python'

The Burma Python or Python Kyaiktiyo is a new Python species from Burma/Myanmar which lies on the Bay of Bengal. The species is recorded in 2011 by a captured adult female from 2002. It was captured on a plantation near the town Kyakitiyo in Mon State Myanmar which gave this species its scientific name.

This species has some charactaristics of the short-tailed python and therefore has been concluded into the same group which consist three other species. The Burma python differs by the large amount of ventral scale (180 or more). The captured female was 152cm long and weight 3,6 kilo. It's body has a light brown base with rusty colored stripes and blotches on top.

Further searching in the area has been done but no other animals where found. Therefore the IUCN has placed this species on the red list of endangered species. Python Kyaiktiyo is protected by CITES and is listed in the Appendix II.
Python Kyakitiyo - Burma Python