Antaresia spread

Wells and Wellington 1984

In the beginning, Antaresia consisted one specie which belonged to the family Liasis. This was later revised to Antaresia, this family now contains fours pecies: Maculosa, Childreni, Perthensis and Stimsoni. Recently a fifth specie was discovered in New Guinea by Mark O'Shea. Untill this day, this specie is not official.

Antaresia's inhabit a wide range of Australia. Some species overlap each other habitat. Antaresia species are the smallest pythons in the world. The smallest specie is Antaresia Perthensis with an average length of 50cm. These are very fun species to maintain thanks to their size, vivid lifestyle and because they are relatively easy to keep.

Antaresia childreni - Children's python Antaresia Stimsoni Orientalis - Eastern Stimsons Python Western Stimson Python -  Antaresia Stimsoni Stimsoni

Antaresia Maculosa - Spotted Python Antaresia Maculosa New GuineaAntaresia Perthensis