Antaresia Stimsoni 'Stimsons Python'

The Antaresia Stimsoni, a.k.a. Stimson's python, is a small python from Australia. It has the largest distribution af all Antaresia's and all Australian pythons. The Stimsoni Orientalis is found in the west part of Australia where it shares it habitat with Antaresia Perthensis. Stimsoni Stimsoni is found in the Northern Territory and in South Australia. Antaresia Stimsoni - Stimson's Python

The Stimson's python was split in these two subspecies in 1985 by Smith.
It is a small species reaching a length of approximately 100cm. I think this species is the most beautifull of all Antaresia's. Antaresia Stimsoni Orientalis has a rust color covered with big blotches of brown. Antaresia Stimsoni Stimsoni has a brown color which reminds more to the Children's python.

In the wild Stimson's pythons mainly feed on frogs, birds and small lizards but also mammals are on there menu. In captivity they can be fed with mice and larger specimens with small rats.

An adult Stimson's python can be kept in a vivarium of 80x50x40cm or in a rack system which alows the animal to feel more secure then in a vivarium. When providing them with a possibility to hide and warm a section of about 33 Celcius there should not be a problem to keep these snakes succesfully.

Antaresia Stimsoni - Stimson's PythonStimson's pythons are not difficult to breed. After a shorter light period the male
can be introduced to the female on a weekly base. After a few months the female will lay 10 - 15 eggs which will hatch after approximately 50 days. The hatchlings are nippy and will shed after a 10 day period. After there first shed they can be fed with small mice. some of them need to be tricked in taking there first mice. When handled regularly the youngsters will get used to humans and become a docile snake.

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