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Antaresia Orientalis Orientalis
Posted 20-09-2014
Last week I reserved a Antaresia Orientalis Orientalis male. Pure antaresia's are hard to find so i'm glad I bumped into this one. I will pick him up in october at the Houten reptileshow. Now I have to start looking for a female, it will be hard but i'm not in a hurry. My other antaresia's are doing great, they are little eating monsters and it's fun to see them crawling around there cage. It's a very vivid python family which makes it working with this species extra fun.
Posted 17-08-2014

It has been a long time since I posted anything on my website. Since then a lot off things have changed.
Earlier this year I moved all my animals to my new house. I'm glad this was over because it's not my favorite work to do. Braking down the cages, carrying them into the car and then vice versa. It was done in a day so I hope it kept the stress level of the animals at a minimum.

In april I picked up the Boeleni female, she is an absolute beauty. She is doing very well and eating like a mad man. The behaviour of this species is very interesting. They seem to have a higher intelligence level than most other snakes. She is very curious and will take a look when busy in the reptile room.

A week back the only clutch of this year hatched. It was a yellowbelly het ghost to a pastel lesser yellowbelly breeding. The outcome was a bit disappointing. At the moment it looks like an ivory, lesser yellowbelly and three pastel yellowbellies. But I have to take a better look when they have shed.

I'm still busy doing things for the house so there is not a lot of time for my website. The backyard is done so now I can proceed to the front garden and making my shed bigger. Also on my list is making two vivariums for the Morelia Nauta pair. They are doing fine at the moment in a curver but they are growing quick.

Morelia Boeleni
Posted 10-01-2014
The last 6 months I haven't had any time for the website. I bought a house which needed a lot of DIY time. At this point it's almost done so I have a bit more time on my hands for the website and the snakes. Last week I placed a down payment on a Morelia Boeleni female from 2013. I'm really excited because this is a dream snake to own. I can't wait till April when I can pick her up in Houten. I will place an update when I have received her.