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2014 2013
Posted: 18-05-2013

Yesterday the second clutch of the season was laid and consists four eggs and one slug. It is a het.
Lavender Albino x het Lavender Albino pairing so i'm very exited and can't wait to see some little heads popping out of the eggs. Two weeks ago the first clutch of the season was laid and this one also containt four eggs. It was layed by a pastel female that was paired with a super pastel poss het. for ghost male.

Posted: 04-05-2013

Today I received a Halmahera Python female a.k.a. Morelia Tracyae.
A few months ago I allready received a male that is approximately one year old. The female is larger than the male so I presume she is around two years of age. I will place an update later.