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Welcome at Pythonidae

My name is Michael de Groot and on this website I will introduce you into the World of Pythons.

Pythonidae is a family of snakes which are found from the deserts in Africa all the way into the jungles of Asia and Australia. It consists 8 genera and 57 species and subspecies. Pythons differ from Boas in that they lay eggs in stead of giving birth to live young. Furthermore Pythons have heat sensors which most of the Boas lack.

The Pythonidae family has a great array of species and subspecies. From the 60cm long Anthill Python to the seven meter long Reticulated Python. Pythons are wonderful pets as long as their needs are met. This means that the caregiver must have the right space and proper housing for these magnificent animals. Pythons have a great variety of characters, from the benign Ball Python to the troublesome Scrub Python. A caretaker must be able to interact in a correct way to these characters and make sure both the animal and caretaker stays fine.

On this website you will find all the species and subspecies of the Pythonidae family. A description of each species with a diversity of photos can be found on the Python page.


A facility is very important because it provides your snakes in their basic amenities. All the cages in my facility are made by myself. This way I have total control over the end result and I can provide the snakes with the best environment possible.